The Crooklands Hotel Bar and Restaurant

Choice of Award Winning Gins

Mon, 7 Oct 2013 22:53:24 GMT

Most of you will already know that we a local lakeland gin. Some of you might have already tried it. If you have, let us know via facebook how you like it. Whilst you are therem why not "Like" our page and subscribe to our mailing list for exclusive offers and news sent directly to you.

As well as the award winning Lakeland Gin, we are now also serving the famous Fifty Pounds Gin. Don't worry, that is the name, not the price. It gets it's unique name from back in the day when production of autheticated gin in London was restricted to the few distillaries who were permitted to make gin by paying the license to make gin. How much did this license cost? You guessed it, £50.00.

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